What is Grafcet?

Grafcet is a European standard (DIN EN 60848) that allows you to describe a control function or a machine. It's a specification language for sequential function charts.

Grafcet is the abbreviation for:


GRAphe Fonctionnel de Commande Etapes/Transitions

In English: Representation of the control function with steps and step enabling conditions.

Grafcet helps to ensure optimal and efficient co-working between different professional groups (disciplines): The constructor creates the Grafcet and the mechanical engineer can use it to build the envisaged machine. Subsequently, the PLC specialist can write the matching program and the commissioning engineer can prepare the machine for operation. Grafcet allows the system operator to understand the machine process and the maintenance engineer can use it to troubleshoot faults faster, since it allows him to comprehend the functional principle of the machine more quickly.

Grafcet has been part of the curriculum of many technical apprenticeships for years in Germany.

What is Grafcet Studio?

Grafcet Studio is a modern Windows application that allows you to do the following:

  • Draw up a Grafcet chart in accordance with DIN EN 60848
  • Simulate a Grafcet chart (with or without a virtual machine/plant)
  • Transfer the Grafcet chart to another device (e.g. PLC)


Unique features of Grafcet Studio: The generated Grafcet chart can be automatically converted into a control program and then transferred to the device in 1 second at the push of a button. The manual conversion of the Grafcet chart into a control program is no longer necessary. Another advantage:** the created Grafcet can be transferred to another device (from another manufacturer) without any changes. Example: You create a Grafcet chart and transfer it to a Siemens PLC of type S7-1500. You can also use the same Grafcet chart in a Raspberry Pi if required.

And this is how it works: The so called Grafcet-Engine is installed in the device. This library makes the device Grafcet-enabled.

For whom is Grafcet-Studio interesting?

  • For everyone who is professionally involved with Grafcet.
  • For all those who want to program a device visually.
  • For all those who want to save time: The documentation of the process of a machine is at the same time the control program.
  • For pupils, students and GRAFCETt raining participants.

The user interface in Grafcet Studio is entirely vector-oriented. This means that you can scale the user interface and the Grafcet chart without any loss in quality (zoom in and out). This ensures a high-quality display, even on high-resolution 4K screens.

You can simulate the Grafcet you have created with an I/O panel. You can set inputs on the I/O panel, and monitor outputs. With larger Grafcet charts, you should perform the simulation using a virtual machine/system.


A virtual machine is not a VM (virtual PC), but a virtual industrial system.

Grafcet Studio can work with the following simulations (virtual systems):


Interesting for training purposes: PLC Lab Runtime is supplied with Grafcet Studio. If Grafcet Studio is licensed on your computer, you can load and run PLC Lab Runtime free of charge. PLC Lab Runtime provides you with a collection of virtual devices for which you can draw Grafcet charts. You cannot draw a proprietary virtual system with PLC Lab Runtime. Download PLC-Lab-Runtime


The exclusive feature of Grafcet studio is that you can load a Grafcet chart into a device. This does away with the need to convert the Grafcet chart to FBD, SCL, etc.

Who has Grafcet Studio been developed for?

  • For all who use Grafcet charts professionally
  • For students and participants in Grafcet training courses


Edition Grafcet simulation PLC VISU, PLC Lab FACTORY I/O Steps Device
Grafcet Studio Starter Edition - 20 -
Grafcet Studio Standard Edition 50 -
Grafcet Studio IoT Edition (100) 100
Grafcet Studio Pro Edition (20) 20
Grafcet Studio Pro Edition (50) 50
Grafcet Studio Pro Edition (100) 100
Grafcet Studio Pro Edition (255) 255

You can simulate your Grafcet with any edition incl. SPS-VISU and PLC-Lab-Runtime Support. FACTORY I/O is supported from the Standard Edition and higher. The Pro-Edition and IoT-Edition is the only edition that can transfer a Grafcet chart to a device. The Pro-Edition is available in various configurations that differ in the number of possible steps (drawing, simulation and device).

The IoT edition supports the devices Arduino Due and Raspberry Pi. The Pro edition also supports S7 controls: S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400