The Platform

The "PLC-Lab 3D Player" platform is a 3D simulation platform specially developed for education and training in mechatronic systems. The platform offers a selection of high quality 3D models with comprehensive documentation and task definition.

The 3D models can be linked to the most common programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as well as software PLCs. This allows users to create a program in their development environment, such as TIA Portal, and then perform virtual commissioning of the system using the 3D simulation model.


The simulation platform consists of the following modules:

Module Description
Basic Module The basic module provides a simple user interface for displaying, animating and navigating the 3D model.
Device Server The device server connects the PLC and the 3D model. It can run on the same PC or on another PC to split the system load of the 3D simulation and the programming system to two separate PCs if required.
Device Driver All available device drivers are always included, so almost any PLC/soft PLC can be supported.
Documentation Module The documentation module generates the correct I/O list according to the I/O settings and provides a detailed function description, including a task description for the current 3D model.
Tags You can monitor all inputs and outputs via the tags module. In addition, you can set inputs and outputs to fixed values (so-called forcing). An essential tool for troubleshooting.
Autopilot The autopilot acts as a controller for the 3D model and simulates the behavior of a PLC program. This gives students the opportunity to better understand how the model works. Because only when they have fully grasped how it works will they be able to write a functional program.
I/O Export The I/O export module exports all variables for the inputs and outputs in different files and formats. The programming system (e.g. the TIA PORTAL) can import these. This way, you don't have to enter the variables tediously by hand.
Mechatronic Simulation Wall This module is used in the Mechatronic Simulation Wall. It enables multi-user simulations and provides a cross-station material flow. More information on the website
License Manager Via the license manager and its components, the software can be used with a single license, a network license or a cloud license. A cloud license makes it possible for an educational institution to make a license available to students regardless of their location.

Target Groups

Target Groups of PLC-Lab 3D Player:

  • Training departments of small and large companies looking to improve practical training with our software.
  • Educational institutions that want to use our software to modernize their curriculum and motivate students.
  • Students who want to consolidate and deepen what they have learned with an interactive learning environment and a highly motivating 3D simulation.
  • Apprentices who want to improve their skills to prepare for the final exam in the best possible way.
  • Online training providers who want to use our software to add a new dimension to their courses and inspire their participants.
  • PLC programmers who like challenges and approach them with joy and passion because they can do so.
  • Retired PLC programmers who want to stay mentally fit in retirement by programming visually high-quality 3D simulations rather than doing crossword puzzles.


For companies and educational institutions: If required, we can create an individual digital twin for you using 3D CAD data that you provide to us.

Key Features

PLC-Lab 3D Player Key Features:

  • Simple user interface.
  • Support of real controls and software PLCs.
  • The user can select 3D models with an appropriate level of difficulty, both complex and simple, to challenge their skills in the best possible way.
  • Ready-to-use, complex 3D models to practice PLC programming.
  • Simple viewing of the description (I/O assignment) of the 3D system via the browser.
  • Monitoring and forcing variables for debugging.
  • Quick export of variables for TIA PORTAL and other systems.
  • The 3D model and the TIA PORTAL can run on different PCs to spread the computer load.
  • Flexible licensing model (single license, network license, or cloud license).
  • Understand and experience how the 3D model works via autopilot.
  • Quick installation of the software within 1 to 2 minutes


PLC-Lab 3D Player is compatible with the following systems:

PLC controllers:

  • Siemens S7-1200 via Ethernet/Profinet
  • Siemens S7-1500 via Ethernet/Profinet
  • Siemens S7-1200/1500 via OPC UA
  • Siemens S7-300 or compatible via Ethernet/Profinet, NetLink PRO TCP/IP, Simatic-Net
  • Siemens S7-400 via Ethernet/Profinet, NetLink PRO TCP/IP, Simatic-Net
  • LOGO! Siemens (0BA7, 0BA8 or higher) via Ethernet
  • CODESYS V3 based controllers via OPC UA (e.g. Wago, Schneider, Eaton,…)
  • Allen Bradley: Micro800 PLC and Simulator, ControlLogix, CompactLogix
  • Omron NX/NJ

Simulated controllers (software PLCs):

  • PLCSIM S7-1200 from TIA PORTAL V13 or higher
  • PLCSIM S7-1500 from TIA PORTAL V13 or higher
  • PLCSIM S7-300 from TIA PORTAL V13 or higher
  • PLCSIM S7-400 from TIA PORTAL V13 or higher
  • PLCSIM S7-300 from Simatic-Manager V5.5 or higher
  • PLCSIM S7-400 from Simatic-Manager V5.5 or higher
  • PLCSIM ADVANCED V2.0 SP1 or higher (from PLC-Lab V1.5.3)
  • Grafcet-Studio
  • WinSPS-S7 V6
  • Allen Bradley Micro800 Simulator